Friday, August 2, 2013

Birthdayy!! :D

Hellooo againn!

So this is my third post and no one has joined me yet..quite heartbreaking but nevertheless i am happy to share bits and pieces of my life even if only I am the one reading it. :)
My favourite month just went by, the big J-U-L-Y..and my birthday too just went by..the 24th of July and in a blink of an eye i turned 22 >_< Realising that you are no longer 19 or 20 is really sad..i bet almost everyone agrees with me on this one.
Speaking of my Birthday the only thing I was happy about were my birthday gifts and the cake of course ;)
Following are the gifts that i got ^_^ :
A collagee given to me by my Mommy! :) 
A picture is worth a thousand words, even if none are spoken to make it 

and the next one is an orange handbag gifted by my sister :)
Gosh i cannot tell u how much i love bagss!! i am like competely crazy for times alott but aren't they just soo worth it! And this one is just sooo pretty..:D

That was all i got and yeah i also received The July vellvette box but after my birthday was over..but still was very much excited as always!! :D
Will going to review the July Vellvette Box in my next post :)

Till then Toodles my lovely's :*
Anamika Misra :)