Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vellvette Bag (June)

Hey People..i am backk!

So i have finally received my 2nd Vellvette Box today (yes i ordered 2 :P)..After sooo many dayss! The 1st one that i got was delivered to me on Thursday and i cannot tell you that how disappointed am i from the Vellvette guys..They sent me the exact same old things that they did the last month, except the LA Splash eye liner which i am not too fond of because i am not much of an eye liner person and that is why i have also sent them an email regarding my complaint..hope to receive a reply.

Well anyways let me just show you the products that I've got (Again!!)

Contents: (Vellvette Bag: Pink)
1. LA Splash Eyeliner (Eclipse): Full Size- 795/-
This is the only thing that is new in my current vellvette box. Looking forward to use it in the future. :)
2. Tvam Apricot and Walnut Scrub and Boly Polisher: Sample Size
3. Curlinterrupted smoothing & Hydrating treartment kit (Shampoo & Conditioner) : Sample Size

That's is it for today! 

Toodles my Lovely's
Anamika Misra :)

Thursday, July 4, 2013

New Kid on the Blog!!

Hola everyone welcome to Beautiliciousm!! 

Well well first blog ever..excited much? oh yes i am! :D
I am Anamika Misra..and currently pursuing graduation..i am a kind of a make-up addict (kind off a make-up geek :P)

After going through sooo many blogs over the internet for so many days i have finally decided to give blogging a try and i hope that i continue to write! goes my first write up for you all (the one's who are reading..i hope someone is :P) Its kind of difficult to write every little thing that is going on in  my mind right now (trust me..there are millions of things) buy I'll still try to write what all is going on. 

As I've mentioned earlier that i am a MAKE-UP GEEK..I absolutely love to splurge money on it as well as on Footwear's, Bags, Accessories. I completely love going through shopping websites and ofcourse buying from them. Well i think this much introduction is enough for the day. :)

Toodles All Gorgeous Ppl! :*
Anamika Misra! :)