Saturday, July 6, 2013

Vellvette Bag (June)

Hey People..i am backk!

So i have finally received my 2nd Vellvette Box today (yes i ordered 2 :P)..After sooo many dayss! The 1st one that i got was delivered to me on Thursday and i cannot tell you that how disappointed am i from the Vellvette guys..They sent me the exact same old things that they did the last month, except the LA Splash eye liner which i am not too fond of because i am not much of an eye liner person and that is why i have also sent them an email regarding my complaint..hope to receive a reply.

Well anyways let me just show you the products that I've got (Again!!)

Contents: (Vellvette Bag: Pink)
1. LA Splash Eyeliner (Eclipse): Full Size- 795/-
This is the only thing that is new in my current vellvette box. Looking forward to use it in the future. :)
2. Tvam Apricot and Walnut Scrub and Boly Polisher: Sample Size
3. Curlinterrupted smoothing & Hydrating treartment kit (Shampoo & Conditioner) : Sample Size

That's is it for today! 

Toodles my Lovely's
Anamika Misra :)

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